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The Dark Knight Rises
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Christopher Nolan Holding Auditions For Female Lead in Batman 3 
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The casting of Tom Hardy in Batman 3 two weeks ago was major news for many reasons. For one, following his performance in Inception, more Tom Hardy is always a good thing. More importantly, however, it means that the gears of pre-production for the next installment in the series are finally in motion and that we will start hearing more and more news about the project as we move towards the filming stage. That process continues now.

Movie Hole is reporting that Christopher Nolan has started meeting with actresses in their "late 20′s, early 30′s" for an undisclosed part in the superhero sequel. From the report, it seems as though Nolan isn't aiming for an A-lister and is instead looking for a fresh face. The site has some names of applicants, but they've requested to remain anonymous until they are certain that they have not gotten the part. The site does estimate that we will have the name of the actress selected in a few weeks.

Just like the Hardy casting, all we can do now is speculate based on what we know about Nolan's Batman films and the history of the Caped Crusader. It's entirely possible that the new actress will fill the role left after the death of Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight as the new romantic interest, but let's have a little more fun, shall we?

(For the author's detailed analysis of which female Batman character it can be, follow the source link to the original article.)

Source: CinemaBlend

lol Personally, I think all of this is getting blown out of proportions. I mean, they could just be casting a news anchor, right? Haha.
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