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Another Batman 3 Rumor: Catwoman to Appear in the Final Film 

It looks like the Batman 3 villain rumors have started up again! The first recent rumor to hit the web was that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was being considered to take on the role of The Riddler in Batman 3. It definitely seems like The Riddler will in fact be the villain of Chistopher Nolan's next installment of Batman, but will Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman be joining The Riddler as a villain in the film?

That's what a source from CBM is saying. Someone apparently got a look at some "script notes" from the film, which is being written by Chris and Jonathan Nolan. It's really hard to believe that script notes are just laying around, but you never know.

According to this guy, these script notes made a few references to Selina Kyle as a character. Kyle, as every Bat fan knows, becomes Catwoman. So if this is true, expect to see her don the leathers, as its unlikely Nolan would bring in Kyle but not her villainous alter ego, this being his last Bat movie.

We will treat this as a rumor for now, but it will make for a fun topic of discussion. I guess I could see Nolan using this character in the film. After all, there has to be a new female lead, and I don't think fans would mind seeing a new sexy Catwoman. Do you think Nolan would throw Selina Kyle into one of his Batman films? Are you even interested in seeing this character in the next Batman film? Share your thoughts below!

I suspect this wont be the last Batman 3 rumor we hear.


I'm not sure how I feel about this rumor, but I think Nolan can do this character some justice after the atrocity of the 2004 film.
08.02.10 (UTC)
Personally I think catwoman is a dangerous move - I love her in the animated series but hated her in the burton adaptations. I think casting will be key for this but I'm not sure who I would suggest.
08.02.10 (UTC)
I'm not sure, but I think Nolan could do a badass job with Catwoman. Considering we'd probably be dealing with a still-grieving Bruce Wayne, the character could do well with an offbeat love interest, somebody with whom he could have a not-exactly-wholesome relationship that's fun to watch. Not to mention we left off with Batman at his most anti-heroic and that's exactly what Catwoman is.
08.02.10 (UTC)
Uh oh...I feel my bias against Catwoman breaking through.

I never really liked Catwoman because she seemed more "eyecandy" than anything else. I guess I also thought it was weird that Batman became smitten with someone kinda...random? Er, I dunno. I just never liked her.

I kinda preferred his relationship with Rachel because it seemed more...sad? lol I mean, Rachel was someone he had deeply cared about since childhood. Their relationship seems more pure and just makes me happier...?

Burton's Catwoman didn't help either.

Okay, sorry. I'll stop ranting now. Let's bring the lulz. My favourite rumour was about Cher playing Catwoman in the 3rd movie, hahaha.

I think it's not the best to bring in Catwoman in the 3rd movie because she'll probably end up as Batman's new "love interest" while he's still mourning.

Please don't brick me. I realize my views are a bit skewed. o__O
08.02.10 (UTC)
I'm okay with Catwoman under several conditions. But I think Nolan would meet most of them (don't cast the obvious; don't forget the Rachel fallout; don't let her be anything more than a shady jewel thief mucking around in Batman's business - no grand schemes of world domination).

So in summary: I'm for this in theory, and very curious to see how it would play out.
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