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Aaron Eckhart Says He's 'Available' For 'Batman 3' 

Aaron Eckhart has said that if Christopher Nolan called on him to come back as Two-Face for "Batman 3" he "would certainly do it." The "Inception" director's follow-up to "The Dark Knight" has been alleged to be scheduled to start filming as soon as March or April 2011, and Eckhart just happens to have an open slot on his calendar that month.

"I'll give Chris a shout-out," Eckhart said during an interview with MTV News. "You know, I'm available"

Whatever Nolan decides to do, Eckhart supports him, though.

"Obviously, the script was meant to bring back Heath [Ledger], and unfortunately that can't happen, so I think starting over is a good thing," Eckhart explained. "I'm excited to see. Chris is up against it, because he made such a good movie with 'The Dark Knight,' that he's got to really come up with something good."

At this point we know that the movie won't involve The Joker, but very little else. As far as all of the rumored actors who may be in contention for villain roles, Eckhart wishes them the best too.

"Chris, he's an exceptional filmmaker from start to finish," Eckhart said. "Whenever I hear stuff like that [Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Riddler], if Johnny Depp's going to play the Riddler, I'm into it. I feel like he can go in any direction."


As much as I would love you to return back to the Batman franchise, it's probably not going to happen. But since your available, I'm free tonight as well ;)
07.24.10 (UTC)
-sigh- wish Two Face wasn't dead. I lurve Aaron so.
07.24.10 (UTC)
I'm kinda just waiting for Nolan to announce it's gonna be somebody who seems totally ridiculous, and I will put my faith in it anyway. Cause a lot of people thought Heath Ledger was the worst idea ever.
07.24.10 (UTC)
I'm still hoping - I love the harvey dent/two face struggle... also aaron is gorgeous ♥

The bit I'm most sad about though is the no Joker = no Harley :(
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